Yamaguchi Prefectural Government

Appointment as Support Advisor for Tokyo Sales Headquarters

Representative Sawano has been appointed as the Support Advisor for the Tokyo Sales Headquarters in his hometown of Yamaguchi Prefecture. He has provided support in various areas of regional revitalization, including tourism, local products, and start-up assistance.

NHK(Nippon Hoso Kyokai / Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Direction for Historical Drama Series Website

In 2015, I had the privilege of directing the local version website for the annual historical drama series broadcasted that year. I mainly contributed through coverage of historical sites related to the Meiji Restoration.

Yahoo Japan Corporation

Web Features and Employee Interviews

Our CEO, Sawano, has been extensively involved in the creation of employee interview articles from his alma mater, articles on social contribution, web features, advertising specials, native ad pages, and more. This includes video production, web development, and article writing.

CyberAgent, Inc.

Article Production

We had the privilege of contributing to article production for the new R25. We dedicated my efforts to creating in-depth articles that delve into societal topics.


Editing for a News Website

We were entrusted with editing news articles for a major portal website. We helped organize shifts for various genres and assisted daily in creating headlines and posting several thousand news articles.

NTT Resonant Incorporated

Mediation of Smartphone Testing Services

In app development, testing is essential. As sales agents for the verification service ‘Remote Test Kit,’ which caters to a vast array of smartphone devices, we had the privilege of mediating its services to major IT companies.

Hakuhodo Incorporated

Extraction of Topics from Celebrities’ SNS

We developed a system to extract and analyze topics related to celebrities and talents on SNS.

Yamaguchi University

Lecturer in International Relations Department

At the request of the university, we provided classes to students studying international relations. We lectured on inbound tourism.

01Booster Inc.

Startup Support Consulting

We were appointed as consultants for a project that aimed to foster open innovation by combining the strengths of large corporations and startups.

Ve Japan

Digital Marketing Consultant

We undertook consulting services for the Japanese subsidiary of a British digital marketing company.


Consulting for Office Vegetable Delivery Business

We assisted a startup business that delivers locally sourced vegetables to offices to promote employee health, providing support in marketing and business development.


Lecturer for University Business School

We were appointed as instructors at an entrepreneurial support school for university students. We lectured the students on the entire process, from understanding business frameworks to launching a startup.”

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC

Inbound Tour Development in Aso and Miyako

We undertook the creation of inbound experiential content and tour development for reconstruction projects following the Kumamoto earthquake and the Great East Japan earthquake. We also carried out sales overseas.

Gurunavi, Inc.

Web Feature Production

We undertook the production of a food tourism feature focused on the Noto Peninsula. We were involved in everything from on-site interviews to the final production.

CrowdWorks Inc

Article Creation in Chinese

We were responsible for creating articles for WeChat. We dedicated our efforts to producing content about Japanese outings in Simplified Chinese.

Recruit Communications Co., Ltd.

Outing Content Production

We undertook the production of outing content from all over the country. We formed an editorial team to focus on creating articles about hot springs and popular tourist spots.


Media Kit Production

We were entrusted with the design and production of advertising media kits.


Inbound Tourism Model Plan

We identified local resources and contributed to the creation of a model route aimed at attracting inbound tourists.


Tour Development & Test Marketing

We were involved in the development of tours and test marketing in the Enogawa region of Shimane Prefecture. We also conducted FAM tours and contributed to guide training.

Yuko Yuko Holdings, Inc.

Hot Spring Destination Article Creation

We produced articles introducing hot spring destinations across the country.


Business Website Article Production

We have been producing articles for a website catered to business professionals. We regularly conduct research articles and interviews every month.


Feature Site Development

We carried out the development of a site themed around Basic Income, including video production.

eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., Ltd.

Corporate Website Writing

We were responsible for proposing the concept of the corporate website and producing its content.

Brangista Inc.

Content Creation for Taiwan Audience

We conducted interviews at traditional Japanese artisan workshops and produced articles in Traditional Chinese for the Taiwan and Hong Kong audience.