Heartland Japan was quoted in Tokyo Business Today article!

Heartland Japan was quoted in a July 4 2018 Tokyo Business Today article. The article explores the question of how long Japan’s tourism boom will last. “ “ Japan has experienced an unprecedented inbound travel boom that has grown year on year since 2013. This is no doubt a very welcoming development for Japan but it […]

Heartland Japan’s CEO, Keijiro Sawano, quoted in The Japan Times (June 1 2018)!

The CEO of Heartland Japan, Keijiro Sawano, was quoted in the June 1 2018 publication of The Japan Times.     The CEO of Liberta Inc., Keijiro Sawano, was quoted in the June 1 2018 publication of The Japan Times regarding Liberta’s subsidiary: Heartland Japan. Heartland Japan is an outdoor activity and rural experience luxury […]

July 3, “Cool Menu Special” has released!

Today, July 3, “Yahoo Life Magazine” has released, “Cool Menu Special”. We Liberta has been planed out and offered chilled menu, selected shops, did casting, coveraged, article making we did.   URL:

24th July, the event “Entrepreneurs experienced buyouts”

– New working style series 2nd – What you can say from experiencing an exit “The path from start-up to buyout” We will tell you about ‘Real in Entrepreneur ship’.     ■ Date and time Monday, July 24, 2017, from 19: 00-21: 30 (opening: 18: 40) ■ Venue: 31 VENTURES Clip Nihonbashi (Http://

Has released the video of “Intrepreneur” event

Liberta Presents ViTALIZE Vol.1 Why are intrepleners now required? – To work at a company like an entrepreneur – It is an archive of talk events held on June 2, 2017. Discussion on how people working in the company overcome distortions and try to achieve self-fulfillment within the company, how to work like their own, […]