The CEO of Heartland Japan, Keijiro Sawano, was quoted in the June 1 2018 publication of The Japan Times.



The CEO of Liberta Inc., Keijiro Sawano, was quoted in the June 1 2018 publication of The Japan Times regarding Liberta’s subsidiary: Heartland Japan. Heartland Japan is an outdoor activity and rural experience luxury tour company, providing a land operating service that brings affluent foreign travellers to local regions where they can interact with locals and experience authentic Japan.

The aim of Heartland Japan is to communicate to the world the ‘real Japan’, the true heart of Japan that can be found in local regions across Japan.


Rather than focusing on the so-called ‘golden route’ that most visitors to Japan travel, Heartland Japan creates  programmes that tie the charm of rural areas into an experience that provides travellers with an authentic insight into Japan.

This includes:

1)Meeting locals: Visiting local manufacturers and producers such as sake breweries, soy sauce factories, farmers, fishermen, a dorayaki bakery, kagura workshop…

2)Activities: Walking, hiking, biking, canoeing, riding a fishing boat, watching a kagura performance and a kabuki performance by fishermen…

3)High quality guides that fulfil the customer’s intellectual curiosity, covering Japanese culture, history, lifestyle…

Currently the company is focusing on building up a network that includes English speaking countries as well as other Western countries such as Germany and Austria.

The company’s mission is to give new life to rural areas by inviting foreigners to these regions, creating a new image of Japan.

The dream is to make Japan’s localities into a global brand. Similar to that of Italy’s Cinque Terre, this dream will be realised by creating a brand image of these small villages and rural areas that is projected to the world.



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