As part of a new company initiative, a simple children’s corner has been built within our office.

As we now have three mothers with young children (aged 1 – 3 years old) in the office, we wanted to try creating an environment where the children can accompany their mothers to work until they enter nursery school or kindergarten. 

Heartland JAPAN currently employs a mix of foreign, Japanese and overseas staff, but by also employing working mothers with young children, we are hoping to create an even more lively environment filled with mutual respect and understanding. 

June 25th, Liberta Inc. has completed translation work for an Chinese influencer marketing measures of large-scale commercial facility (shopping mall) in Tokyo. We are expanding the production and translation work of such multilingual content.

We can also handle Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), so please feel free to contact us.

Heartland Japan was quoted in a July 4 2018 Tokyo Business Today article. The article explores the question of how long Japan’s tourism boom will last.

Japan has experienced an unprecedented inbound travel boom that has grown year on year since 2013. This is no doubt a very welcoming development for Japan but it has not been without its struggles as cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto tackle with the challenges that have arisen, particularly in terms of infrastructure, language as well as cultural differences.

The article suggests that Japan is still struggling with these issues and that the tourist-saturated cities’ burden need to be reduced by providing information and services to allow travellers to explore the rest of Japan, outside of the so-called ‘Golden Route’. This is where private travel companies such as Heartland Japan can play a key role.

Read the full article here.