CEO Sawano attends Yamaguchi University PBL as a Panelist

Local innovation “What do you do in Yamaguchi? – International College of Science Project Type Resolution Task Force Research Symposium -” was held as follows and representative Keijiro Sawano attended as a panelist.

Yamaguchi University School of International Studies has adopted “project type problem solving research (PBL)” instead of conventional “graduation research” from the second half of the third year to the fourth year. This is a process in which students in universities and societies through a process of students establishing projects with enterprises, local governments, nonprofit organizations, etc. for solving the problems facing local communities, It aims to nurture practical human resources who can solve problems while cooperating with programs.

【Date and Time】 February 17 (Fri) 13: 00-15: 30

【Venue】 Yamaguchi University Yoshida Campus University Hall

【Object Persons】 Affiliates such as companies, local governments, nonprofit organizations, university officials, high school officials, college students, high school students

【Registration Fee】 Free

【Advance Application】 No need

【Organizer】 Yamaguchi University International Studies Center

<Part 1>
What is “project type problem solving research”?
(Introduction of previous case) ·
Mine City- Taiwan Project
Avex Intellectual Property Project

<Part 2>
What does the community expect from “project type problem solving research (PBL)”? (Panelists) ·
Toshiki Yamamoto, ANA Yamaguchi branch manager
Kazuhiko Nakajima, General Manager, Corporate Planning Division, Renofa Yamaguchi · Keijiro Sawano, CEO of Liberta Inc. (Advisor for Tokyo devision of Yamaguchi Prefectural government)
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